Why Sell With Realty Experts!

Why Sell With Realty Experts

Hi, working with Rich/ Realty Experts was a really good experience. As a person who doesn’t trust a lot of people, especially a salesman, he was just always honest, patient, and he made me feel like my opinion mattered. He never made me feel like I was being pushed into something I didn’t want. And he was always very honest about all of the things that were possibly wrong with the property. He was just honest about everything and made me feel like my interests were really at heart. So I really appreciated working with him and he just did wonders and he was great. Everything about the whole experience was actually really well, it was great. And as far as selling my house, he just blew me out of the water with the things that he was able to accomplish with that. I honestly felt like I wouldn’t even get asking price for my house. My house was cute, but it was just, it’s a small house. And I got above asking price and it was just, everything about the experience of buying a home and selling mine through him, was great. So I would definitely recommend Rich to anybody who’s looking to buy a new home, especially just anybody really. So working with him was just really, really, honestly a really good experience working with Realty Experts . And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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