Why 29% Of Retirees Are Up Sizing!

Why 29% of retirees are Up Sizing. Up Sizing isn’t the norm among people relocating in retirement. In April, 2019 survey of adults from 50 to 60, conducted by Del Webb, a leading builder of active adult communities found that most of those planning to move in the future, 43% prefer their next home to be the same size as the current one. 22% wanted bigger and nearly a third of Gen X survey desiring more space. 29% said they designed their next home to accommodate their parents. Hi, I’m Rich Barnes, owner broker of Realty Experts in West Dallas, Wisconsin, 53214. A lot of Gen Xers generation are bringing their parents in as opposed to putting them in retirement homes or assisted living, where their parents would be moved into a foreign environment. Similarly, some people have decided to spread out a bit, I can help you with the question, why are 29% of Retirees are Up Sizing? Buying a new home with more square feet. It offers more usable space for things like a workshop or a hobby area, in addition to room for other interests. What to consider if you’d like to upsize, if you’re thinking about upsizing in retirement, planning early can be the key to making this dream a reality. John Bergquist, Senior Founding Partner at Common Sense Financial in South Jordan, Utah who has helped many retirees reach this goal has a suggestion. If you’re seeing this in your future, you definitely want to incorporate it in your retirement plans. That may mean prioritizing what’s important. Maybe you choose not to take that extra vacation trip or plan to do more staycations. When you can use those funds to buy a larger home. Maybe a decide to drive more economical cars, to have the extra funds. It’s just a matter of deciding what’s most important to you. A piece of cautionary advice though, a larger home can also mean larger utility bills. Upsizing okay If you can afford it, offers plenty of upsides. But before you get it in your hearts, set on a sprawling abode, be sure to consider the costs that come with it. So if you have any questions on selling or moving into a larger home, feel free to reach out and I can help you with Why 29% of retirees are up sizing. Thanks and you have a great day.

Why 29% Of Retirees Are Up Sizing
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