Thinking Of Downsizing and Moving To Florida?

  • Thinking of Downsizing and moving to Florida? I’m In Hollywood Florida, checking out the different cities along the coast. This is our third stop, we spend a week here in Hollywood Florida, very very nice place. We have checked out Vero Beach and Cocoa Beach, We find Hollywood Florida to be a very very nice place. And very very well maintained beach so take a look at the beach behind me. And ounce a week on Tuesday they have machines that come up and down and they clean this beach like crazy it is very very well maintained I was very impressed, with how well they maintain this area. So very very nice beach, there is a lots of nice folks you can see the beach behind me there. And there is also a very very nice boardwalk this thing is two miles long, and our hotel was right on the boardwalk so very very convenient to go to the beach. And you can see many many restaurants, that’s why I am here and many many restaurants and there are stores and just about everything you can imagine. On this boardwalk you will see down here there is a bike path and many many bikers come here, lot’s of walkers lot’s of runners and you can rent bicycles it’s really a great time, we had really really enjoyable time. So if you thinking about retiring to Florida this a very good option. I have interviewed about five people, over the course of the week and the biggest draw to the area of course is the beach and the climate. So that was the big draw for all the five people that I have interviewed. Folks from the North East a lot, especially a young couple from Brooklyn, and I asked them why they came of course the beach was the big draw. But I said why did you leave New York? Well they said big taxes and big crime. So they went to get out of the area for a couple of reasons number one taxes and the unrest in New York they have been down here for about a year. I said what was your fear? To all the people here and mostly old folks But the younger folks said the biggest fear was giving up what they had up in New York area. And in coming down and trying something new and it fails and then what do you do? But they are very happy here after a year, they enjoy a lot So it’s a very very nice place, you need to come to Hollywood Florida, if you’re thinking of downsizing and moving to Florida, it’s a gorgeous place to be and Rich Barnes here enjoyed my week here a lot and over the next few years will be visiting all the cities along the coast so that will have a real good idea where we would like to retire as well. If you are thinking of Downsizing and moving to Florida stay tuned. So hey thanks a lot and we look forward to my next video at the next city. Thanks have a great day!

Posted by Richard Barnes on Saturday, August 22, 2020
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