Signs It’s Time To Downsize

Signs it’s time to downsize. The oldest resident in your neighborhood. If you were starting or raising a family when you first purchase your current home, you probably moved into a family friendly neighborhood. That area was ideal when you had kids but now you no longer seem to fit in. Hi I’m Rich Barnes, owner broker of Realty Experts, in West Allis Wisconsin 53214. Family neighborhoods tend to stay younger as families keep moving in, so seniors end up isolated in those neighborhoods. Experts explain. A community starts to feel lonely once your original neighbors have moved on or passed away, especially if you lose your own spouse too. Depression is a growing mental health issue for retirees, stemming from the fact that loneliness effects 25 to 60% of older Americans. Downsizing to a smaller home in a retirement community means living among your peers. If it has a healthy active Home Owner’s Association or HOA. When you downsize to a retirement community you actually raise your happiness level by meeting more people from your generation. A lot of the adult communities have amenities like tennis courts, billiard rooms, wood working shops, classes that teach you how to knit, clubs that play cards and board games that your Home Owners Association fees pay for. You can end up saving you more money in the long run. Association provided activities are less expensive than funding similar entertainment on you own dime. Plus, the socializing that they provide may also reduce medical expenses by preventing depression related health problems in improving the quality of life. Of course moving into a community that charges an HOA fee means adding to your monthly housing expenses, above and beyond any mortgage payment, home insurance, utilities and property taxes that you are already paying. So, how can you afford it? Perhaps turning the access proceeds from the sale of your more expensive home into income. If you have any questions about downsizing into a smaller home, feel free to reach out, I’m here to help. Thanks and you have a great day. Signs It’s time to downsize your home

What Are The Signs Of Downsizing?
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