Signs It’s Time To Downsize #4

Number four signs it’s time to downsize your home. You’re home has features that no longer fit your lifestyle. Back in the day when your kids were building blanket forts in the bedrooms, the bathrooms had waiting lines, and your teens were tussling over the remote in the TV room, there were times when even your spacious home felt too small to contain all the chaos. These days though, most of those bedrooms are now rarely opened storage. There’s a strange smell coming out of the unused guest bathroom and the TV room has just become a dust catcher. Now that you’re only using a handful of rooms in your house: the master bath, the bedroom, the kitchen and the smaller clothes in your den, it’s hardly make sense to be paying for heating and cooling and lighting all these rooms that you don’t even use. Size is only one part of the no longer live able features that your home might have. Unless you’ve planned ahead for aging in a place where you picked out your family home, chances are it has architectural features that may pose a mobility problem in retirement. Your home may have features that will take a physical toll as you grow older like stairs, high maintenance, landscaping, steep driveway. Weather in your area is also a consideration as shoveling snow, mowing the lawn are becoming more and more difficult with each passing year. A survey conducted by Demand Institute found that aging friendly accessibility is a key factor among baby boomers looking to move. With single story low maintenance and disability accessibility topping the list for most desired features. The accessibility tops your list must haves in your smaller home. You need to start house hunting long before you’re ready to retire. Why? Because there’s a shortage of accessible housing. As of 2011, only three point five of the housing in the United States had single floor living, no step entry, wheelchair accessible, wide hallways and doors. Of course your physical well-being isn’t the only health-related reason to downsize. So if you have any questions on downsizing your home, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help. Thanks and you have a great day.

Signs It's Time To Downsize #4
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