No Vaccine No Problem

No Vaccine, No Problem. With all the talk about coming up with a vaccine for our current virus and the mad rush of pharmaceutical companies to get one developed, let’s look at how effective the flu vaccine has been in the past and it’s been around for years. There are some effective ways to stay healthy vaccine or no vaccine. Hi, I’m Rich Barnes, owner broker of realty experts in West Allis Wisconsin, 53214. My research found that reviews of past studies have found on average, the flu vaccine is about 40-60% effective for healthy adults between 18-64 years. The vaccine may sometimes be less effective, as low as 10%, but it can also be more effective too. In some years it can be as much as 90% effective at preventing the flu. But people still get the flu despite a vaccine being around for years. So what does that say about the corona virus vaccine? Well, they’ll probably come up with a vaccine but the big question is how effective will it be? Be prepared to get your immune system up and running ahead of time. To get a jump start on optimizing your immune system, here are some essentials that you can get started with right away. Number one, get plenty of sleep. Your stem cells and immune system need sleep. Studies prove that sleep wake cycle exerts a strong regulatory influence on immune functions. Number two, cut your stress. Look for ways to banish the stress for at least 30 minutes every day. Meditation, focused breathing, exercise and yoga are some of the best ones. Number Three, there are certain herbs that have an extraordinary affect on your immune system. They are cats claw, saw palmetto and echinacea. Please do your own research on these herbs to see if they are right for you. But an important 2007 study found that all of them have the power to stimulate the production of key immune system cells. So get plenty of sleep, cut your stress, social distance, take your herbs and vitamins and we’ll see you on the other side of the situation. I’m Rich Barnes, realty experts, thanks and have a great day.

No vaccine no problem
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