How To Downsize Your Stuff Without Losing Your Mind

How To Downsize Your Stuff Without Losing Your Mind- Looking around, wondering how to downsize a house full of stuff so that it will into your new home can easily send you into an anxiety overload. But look at it this way, downsizing can make the move to a new place a whole lot easier on everyone. Granted, sorting things into a toss or a donate can is a headache in itself, but, trust me, downsizing is worth it. After all, there’s a bit of hoarder in everyone and moving is the perfect opportunity to scale down your possessions. Plus, when you’re paying movers by the hour, fewer boxes means smaller bill. Hi, I’m Rich Barnes, Owner/Broker of Realty Experts in West Allis, Wisconsin, with a few tips on downsizing and moving. Tip number one, consider your new space. Whether you’re downsizing or upgrading your square footage, you might want to keep in mind what will fit in your new pad as you debate how to downsize all that stuff, and we’re style as well as size. Number two, downsize the junk. No one will be surprised, that in the future, if scientists discover that every closet hides a secret wormhole to another dimension. Somehow it absorbs all that secret junk and still has room for more and more stuff to be thrown in it. Number three, ditch the old kids’ clothes. Go through your children’s closet with the same discerning eye. In fact, because kids grow so darn fast, take an even more critical look. Make sure the only thing you move is the stuff that fits. Number four, how to downsize your electronics. We all have a few skeletons in the closet. For most of us, these skeletons are broken electronics. Whether they’re old laptops, cracked cell phones or numerous micro-USB chargers, those suckers need to head to the slaughterhouse. Don’t just toss these guys in the dumpster though, there are electronic recycling programs that you can use instead. Number five, sort, sort, sort. Go through each room in your house from the least used to the most trafficked and sort each and every item you see. Divide them into three piles, keep, donate and toss. Having trouble choosing the correct designation? Ask yourself, “Does this bring me joy?” If the answer is, “True, honest to God, yes,” then add it to the keep pile. Otherwise, it’s time to say goodbye. And number six, ditch the duplicates. Unless you’re holding to something for sentimental reason, now’s the time to get rid of doubles. Two wine holders, multiple printers, six table lamps when you only need three, choose your favorites and downsize the rest. Tip number seven, open the first box. The last rule of downsizing keeps things smooth when it comes to your unpacking. Create an open first box, complete with toilet paper, light bulbs, toiletries, basic cleaning supplies and bed sheets. This idea comes from having to dig through every single box to find just your basic needs for the first night in your new place. Just open up, kick back and relax. If you have any downsizing questions or you need a little bit of advice, feel free to reach out, I’m here to help. Thanks, and you have a great day.

Downsize your stuff without losing your mind
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