What’s Positive About the Economy?

What’s positive about the economy? So many businesses out there have been negatively impacted by the health crisis that caused our economy to turndown in 2020. There’s so much negative out there, I always like to make note of some positives. Applications for new businesses have skyrocketed recently, more so than in the last 15 … Continued

Thinking of Selling, worried you will be homeless ?

Are you thinking about selling but you’re worried that you won’t be able to find a replacement property, and you’ll be homeless? Well, that’s a very understandable concern. It’s your home, you’ve got a family, right? Well I’ve got good news, there’re so many solutions to sell in your home and finding a replacement home, … Continued

Nov 2020 National Market Update

National Market Update. Hey the question of the day is can the market keep up this pace in the seller’s favor? Will this cause a crash like 2008? Is the election going to cause a crash? I continue to get these questions over and over from people. And the bottom line is nobody has the … Continued

Are You A Savvy Seller?

It’s a crazy sellers market out there, so let me ask you a question. Are You A Savvy Seller? Does that mean that we as agents should just sell homes right away and use mediocre, outdated marketing techniques? No, no, no. That can cost you thousands if you make that mistake. So if you’re thinking … Continued

How To Negotiate Above Asking Offers

How To negotiate above asking offers. What if you sold your home for $30,000 above lease price? How’s that even possible? Well, right now, believe it or not it’s happening. We just recently sold a home for 21,000 above list price. Hi everyone. I’m Rich Barnes Negotiate and Chief, Owner/Broker of Realty Experts in West … Continued

Why Use A No Appraisal Contingency

Why Use A No Appraisal Contingency? So it’s an insanely hot, super savvy sellers market. Hey try saying that three times. Super savvy sellers market. So it’s crazy right now and if you’re selling your home, we’re seeing sellers get multiple offers on their homes as many as eight to 15 offers. So you can … Continued

Why 29% Of Retirees Are Up Sizing!

Why 29% of retirees are Up Sizing. Up Sizing isn’t the norm among people relocating in retirement. In April, 2019 survey of adults from 50 to 60, conducted by Del Webb, a leading builder of active adult communities found that most of those planning to move in the future, 43% prefer their next home to … Continued

What’s going On With Real Estate? National Market Update!

What’s going on with Real estate? National Market Update. That’s the question of the hour. Well, first off, let me start off by saying, that I’m just reporting the analysis and the real estate experts across the nation at what they’re predicting. I personally, nor anyone else can control or predict what’s going to actually … Continued