7 Quick & Easy Rules For Grocery Shopping

-7 Quick and Easy Rules For Grocery Shopping. The biggest corona virus many of face is going grocery shopping. The nature of shopping at supermarkets makes social distancing difficult. In fact, when stores get crowded, it’s impossible, and there’s no way to avoid handling food packages that may or may not be contaminated with the coronavirus, but the fact is, we all need to eat. As you know, by now, wearing a mask and staying at least six feet from other people is imperative. Hi, I’m Rich Barnes, owner/broker of Realty Experts in West Allis, Wisconsin 53214, and here are my seven rules for safe grocery shopping. Rule number one. Make a smart grocery list. Minimize your time in the store by making a list. Rule number two. Bring disinfectant wipes with you. Some stores offer wipes to clean their cart handles, sometimes they run out of wipes, and then what? Rule number three. Go when the store is least busy. How do you know? Well, enter the name and location of the store into Google search. It will bring up a bar graph showing the number of people who tend to be in the store at a particular time. Rule number four. Avoid using paper money. A study published in the Journal of PLOS One examined dollar bills. Researchers found that they routinely are contaminated with viruses. The safest? To go with a mobile pay app on your phone, credit or debit cards are a good option if you can swipe them yourself without handing it to the cashier. Rule number five. Leave the gloves at home. Gloves don’t really protect you, said Dr. Bettina Fries. She’s the Chief of Division of Infectious Diseases at Stony Brook University in New York. The virus sticks to the gloves the same way it sticks to your hands. Rule number six. Buy as much as possible in one trip. If you can afford it, get enough groceries to last at least two weeks rather than one. Rule number seven. Don’t worry about disinfecting grocery items. The Food and Drug Administration has said there is no evidence of anyone contracting the coronavirus from food or food packaging, just be sure to wash your hands after putting everything away for a good 20 seconds. I hope this information helps. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help. Thanks, and you have a great day.

7 Quick & Easy Rules For Safe Grocery Shopping
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