Disruptive Digital Marketing Strategy

When was the last time you went shopping online? Amazon, Google, Walmart, Target? Well guess what? Real estate is really no different. When you’re selling a home, placing a yard sign on the front lawn and sticking it on MLS is not enough and it’s much too basic. Are you missing out on the social … Continued

National Market Update #2

National Market update Jan. 2022. Are we headed to the next housing market crash? Looking at the headlines, it’s easy to think that a crash is coming soon, but let’s look deeper than the headlines to see what’s really going on in the market. I am Rich Barnes with Realty Experts in West Allis, Wisconsin, … Continued

Milwaukee Market Update Dec. 2021

It’s your local market update, so what’s happening here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Everyone wants to know, are we going to see a crash, and what should I do with my home? It can be so confusing with all the news, whether it be positive or negative, or what is the best choice to make for … Continued

Selling Your Home Home for Top Dollar in FSBO PART 2

Welcome to the final part of our two-part series on how to sell your home for top dollar in FSBO. In the last video, we reviewed five steps in order to make the most of the deal in order to make more money in your pocket. Here are five more tips to do the same … Continued

National Market Update Part 1

The most common question I get asked, is how’s the market? And with so much information and uncertainty out there, it can be hard to cut through the noise and really see what’s happening in the market. I’ve seen so many different markets over the last 20 years. I’ve seen it all. Rich Barnes, Realty … Continued

What are the disclosure laws when selling FSBO

You’re selling your home for sale by owner, and you’re wondering if you have to disclose anything to the buyer. The answer is absolutely yes. There’s a saying among real estate agents and it’s disclosed, disclose, disclose. The number one reason the seller gets sued after the transaction is for the lack of disclosure. I’m … Continued

Selling Your Home for Top Dollar in FSBO PART 1

Selling Your Home for Top Dollar in FSBO. Every seller wants their home to sell quickly for a large profit, but it takes more than luck to make this happen. It involves careful planning, and knowing how to professionally prepare your home, to convince buyers to pull out their checkbooks. Hi, I’m Rich Barnes, Owner/Broker … Continued

Contractual Rights During The Homebuying Process When Doing FSBO

Contractual Rights During The Homebuying Process When Doing FSBO. Looking to sell your home on your own? Make sure that you are aware of what contractual rights you and your buyer have during the home buying process. I’m Rich Barnes, owner broker of Realty Experts in West Allis, Wisconsin, Five, three, two, one, four. And … Continued

Who Gets the House in A Divorce

Who gets the house in a divorce? First presents a wide range of financial issues to discuss, division of the property can be complicated, including determining what to do with one of the common assets from a marriage, the family home. If you and your spouse own a home during the marriage and did not … Continued

For Sale By Owner Mistakes Video 4

FSBO Mistakes. Are you looking to put your home on the market for sale by owner, and you want to avoid the mistakes that end up costing you money? Hi, I’m Rich Barnes, OwnerBroker of Realty Experts in West Allis, Wisconsin, 5 3 2 1 4. And I’m going to share with you some common … Continued